Suicide Squad

I was primed to slate this film. The reviews were bad and I’m not a fan of superhero movies, particularly with the oversaturation of Marvel. However Suicide Squad has some good things going for it.


The visual style is exquisite, a blend of Autumnal amber and gothic tones with the full spectrum of the carnivalesque rainbow.  Will Smith excels as Deadshot, a cold blooded and battle hardened hitman. It’s also fair to say that Margot Robbie does a competent job playing Harley Quinn, though she could have taken a few queues from Laurence LeBoeuf’s turn as Apple in Turbokid to make the most of the zaniness inherent in her character. Also why is she like Tom Cruise in Legend: in desperate need of pants? I was disappointed to see she didn’t don her Harlequin costume.


Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn

There is a major issue with pacing. While I thought the focus on backstory humanised our anti-heroes it could have been less expository. Jared Leto is woeful as the Joker. It’s like a design by committee version, take some of the elements of Heath Ledger’s Joker but tone them down so much that what you’re left with is just…tepid. Carla Delevingne puts in an utterly forgettable performance as Enchantress and there is zero depth for her character.


So the final verdict. Not as bad as everyone is saying but a missed opportunity. The film suffers from poor pacing, some bland performances, and an unoriginal plot, but hey at least it’s not a Marvel movie!

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